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Genus Solar Solution With Surja L 1125 Solar UPS + GTT240 Tall Tubular Battery 150 AH + 165 Watt Solar Panel


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Product Highlights

Simplest Solar Solution for your Home/Office - It has Intelligence built to give charging preference to Solar Power a Money Saver


  • Intelligent Solar Inverter UPS with Pure Sine Wave Technology
  • Solar Inverter at the cost of a Non-Solar Inverter; this is the best deal you can get on the market
  • Capacity: 900VA
  • Supports Single 12V Battery
  • Genus Smart ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) Technology Optimizes Charging Profile for Long Battery Life
  • LED Multi Information Display
  • Money Saver: Get Maximum Benefit from the Sun and Minimize Your Electricity Bill
  • 24 Months Onsite Warranty & Automatic Warranty Registration


  • True Solar Battery for a Super Durable performance
  • Invosol Batteries have Maximum Overcharge Resistance
  • Fast Charging and Long Lasting
  • 150 Ah Capacity at C20 Rating and 48 months warranty on Battery
  • Works with Solar or without Solar
  • Made with Immaculate Workmanship and the Best Quality of Raw Materials
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans so that you can get life of 6-7 years from this battery


  • Best Polycrystalline Solar Panel with 165W Power in 12V
  • Panel Making is Simple, you just need to find an honest company which Uses Best Quality Raw Materials.
This is our highest priority so we use:
  • Best Polycrystalline Solar Cells with Best In Class Conversion Efficiency (Panel Converts More of the Sunlight into Electricity)
  • Durable Low Iron Tempered Glass With Anti-Reflective Coating (Panel traps Sunlight to Improve Efficiency)
  • Fast Curing, Highly Reflective, and Enhanced UV EVA Encapsulation Enhancing the Durability and Performance
  • Sturdy and Light-Weight Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • 25 years Performance Warranty

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    Genus Solar Solution With Surja L 1125 Solar UPS + GTT240 Tall Tubular Battery 150 AH + 165 Watt Solar Panel

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