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Genus Invocharger 12/24 V Smart Battery Charger

SKU: Invocharger12-24

Price: ₹9,000.00
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Product Highlights
  • Powerful Inverter Battery Charger
  • Revives Deep Discharge batteries
  • InBuilt Wifi feature with Smart Charging Reports
  • Data can be seen in Mobile
  • Safe Battery Charging
  • Supports Both 12V or 24V Configurations (Can Charge Multiple Banks together)
  • 3 Battery Charging Modes 9A; 12A; 15A
  • Portable & Compact Design Carry it anywhere in a backpack
  • Dual LCD & LED Multi Information Display
  • Noiseless Operations
  • Protections: Over Charging, Over Voltage, Short Circuit, Grid High/Low Voltage, Over Temperature
  • Best Conversion Efficiency from Advanced DSP Technology
  • Genus Smart ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) Technology Optimizes Charging Profile for Long Battery Life
  • 12 Months Onsite Warranty & Automatic Warranty Registration

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