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Genus Invomax GTT180 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery


Price: ₹14,400.00 ₹20,350.00
save 29%
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Product Highlights
  • Fast Charging and Long Lasting Inverter/UPS Battery
  • 150Ah Capacity at C20 Rating and 60 months warranty
  • Made with Selenium Low Antimonial Alloy so that they can Function Efficiently at High Temperatures
  • High Acid Volumes and hence need Minimal Maintenance
  • Works With Solar or Without Solar. No need to change the battery if you convert to Solar
  • Reasonable Price
  • Made with Immaculate Workmanship and the Best Quality of Raw Materials
  • Superb Deep Discharge Recovery and Charge Acceptance
  • Corrosion-resistance technology enhances battery life
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans so that you can get the life of 6-7 years from this battery
  • Premium Service Line for Online Customers. Plus automatic warranty registration, no need to keep bill and warranty card

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