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Genus Polycrystalline Solar Panel 40Wp

SKU: PanelPoly40-12

Price: ₹3,069.00 ₹8,000.00
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Product Highlights
  • Best Polycrystalline Solar Panel with 40W Power in 12V
  • Made to Withstand Most Extreme Weathers Like Rain/Snow
  • Panel Making is Simple, you just need to find an honest company that Uses the Best Quality Raw Materials.
  • This is our highest priority so we use: Best Polycrystalline Solar Cells with Best In Class Conversion Efficiency (Panel Converts More of the Sunlight into Electricity). Durable Low Iron Tempered Glass With AntiReflective Coating (Panel traps Sunlight to Improve Efficiency): Fast Curing, Highly Reflective, and Enhanced UV EVA Encapsulation Enhancing the Durability and Performance: Sturdy and Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Genus Solar Panels have Low-Temperature Coefficient to prevent Efficiency Loss in High Temperatures
  • We have 100% In house Manufacturing and R&D Testing
  • 25 years Performance Warranty

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